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Wolf Team
Staff and Products

On April 8th, the Middle East customers ordered Tricone bit was finished production smoothly as expected.

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Company's Welfare Policy

       Company strictly according to national and local policies, all the members in WOLFNI company can enjoy medical and social insurance as well as a series of welfare policy, these policies give great sense of security to employees and allow them to played a great creative power in WOLFNI and be able to achieve their dreams step by step.

         Employee compensation according to the average annual growth rate of 8%, which makes WOLFNI employees work more focused and hard. So 80% people in WOLFNI are working very long time old employees, they all have a very mature industry experience, which is also the most powerful guarantee for the steady development of enterprises and better service to customers.

        In order to make employees feel the same as the family warm working atmosphere, WOLFNI offer free daily shuttle bus, free meals and a series of humanization welfare.

         WOLFNI employees can also enjoy paid vacation benefits every year, let them have time to travel and relax during the fatigue time of the work. This is the best expression of the company's employee benefits. When back to work, they always can understand the meaning of their lives.

         In 2013, the short distance travel was an important chance for team communication and friendship promotion, explained WOLFNI "Wolf team" spirit of enterprise culture.


Employee's Learning Efficiency

         Situation: Since 2015 faced with the challenge of international oil prices shakeouts, the domestic economy continued to maintain downward trend, oil and gas demand in the doldrums, the obvious contradiction between gas production and marketing, when expand the market, how to reduce costs become an important subject in the response to the low price competition.

         Promote: Staff is the main body of the company. It is very important to the development of the company effectively by enhancing the learning ability and knowledge of the basic level employees. Therefore, WOLFNI company specially organize employees to participate in 2016 the world's largest oil equipment exhibition in Beijing, this exhibition not only expand our field of vision, but also let us know more about the various dynamic in petroleum industry, thanks the company for providing us a valuable learning opportunity!

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Reemployment policy

         Ms. Dai, a member of Q.C department, because of objective reason, in January 2015, she submitted a written application for dimission.

Because of loving for this work and high requirements for herself, in February 2016, Ms. Dai was back to WOLFNI. During this year, Ms. Dai successfully achieved RT, UT, MT, PT III project qualification certificate. Colleagues admire and appreciate her spirit very much, her personal charm and work experience also made a great contribution to WOLFNI!

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The Wolf team spirit belief

-Mr.Yu.jpg             19 years’ experience in drilling industry and attending industry technical seminar for many times, he always put the customer needs in the first place and design PDC&ROCK bit for them. For a long time, WOLFNI has long been committed to build a high efficient bit design team, to meet the diverse needs of the market, also be combined with the customer request directly design customized products.Customized drill bit includes: PDC bit, cone drill bit, core drill bit and various mining drill bit. Customization can improve the product cost performance in maximum and highly adapt to subdivision field, to provide convenience for customers to win the market. The preliminary plan and design are free of charge, you only need to pay a small part of the cost of customization, and can enjoy the exclusive customized services. In China, customized drill bits are very popular and more and more users choose to customize drill bit. If you would like to further understand the customized details, please send us E-mail.


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             As an ordinary CNC technician in WOLFNI, Deng Yong became intermediate technician from students and then senior technician. He always keeps improving work skills as the starting point and foothold for achieving personal ideal and enterprise vision. With positive work attitude and the spirit of ecstasy, he gradually became a good CNC technician of WOLFNI, acting on explaining the connotation of "dedication".

-Mr. Deng

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             When Mr. Zeng joined in WOLFNI team, he thought that the theoretical knowledge learned in school can be used for the job of the operating post. But after the actual work was found to be completely unable to start, he made a decision secretly: even to pay a hundredfold efforts more than others to reach the appointment requirements in the shortest time. Others work 8 hours, he did 12 hours.

-Mr. Zeng


            Marketing is not only filled with challenges but also huge opportunities. I love this job and enjoy the working process of the communication and cooperation with customers. I like making friends with people from all over the world. They brought me the joy of life and work. I am eager to share the excellent products and ideas with friends all around the world. Let’s share the happiness together. I am Wesley.


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